30 April 2012

No Doubt

I was just perusing my last few posts, and I seem to be very fond of the question mark lately. Maggie would be proud - they're currently working on sight-reading the words 'the' and 'and,' as well as the exclamation point and the question mark.

One thing I never question (yikes, I can almost hear a voiceover!) is my need for oil free moisturizer. I got the abbreviated version of a lecture today from my mom about my tanning in preparation for the trip (I didn't need the full lecture, as I already know it all by heart). I like to think I try to take care of my skin - heaven forbid I start looking all of my 40 years! Tanning or not, I wear sunblock moisturizer on my face all the time. My whole point in tanning (since I'm now feeling defensive) was to get a base and not be uncomfortably burned by stepping off the airplane that far south. Hope it works!

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