30 April 2012

Why oh Why?

Have I mentioned how much the weather changes drive me crazy? My headache this time started yesterday. No biggie, right? Just chill out and take it easy? NO! Remember, I'm leaving on the fabulous vacation of a life time in TWO DAYS. I don't have time to slow down.

Today I have to enter the last of my fundraiser orders, as well as my show from yesterday (along with the hostess's contract, since she's becoming a chocolatier - yay!). Between today and tomorrow I have to get every other freaking detail nailed down, and all of the laundry done (including my winter AND summer clothes).

Dear headache - go away!! I'm on mucinex and ibuprofen every four hours and it seems to be keeping it in check, but then I worry about the cold meds effect on my milk supply too - ugh!

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