07 May 2012

Menu Plan Monday

I know I'd be much better served to put up a review of my trip, but I still have a ton to do to feel 'caught up' with real life again. Hopefully soon!

MONDAY: Hahahaha....yeah, right! I got in at like 2:30 this morning. My accomplishment is that I was usually awake to watch the kids! Dinner was pizza from our favorite bar in town.

TUESDAY: We'll have a houseful. My cousin is in town with her twins, so she's stopping by, along with her mom, sister, and nephew. I'm going to brown and season some meat and throw it in the crock pot for a bunch of tacos.

WEDNESDAY: I'm not sure if my mom will hang around long enough for dinner after going to a Mothers Day Tea at Maggie's preschool. The big plus is I can stay home instead of going out mid-afternoon to pick Maggie up from school. So maybe a big pot of soup and some super yummy bread?

THURSDAY: I get to go to Mothers Day Tea this time at preschool :) Maybe I can talk hubby into making some pork schnitzel this night?

FRIDAY: We'll be on the road - probably driving through somewhere...

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