22 April 2012

Jack's Fixation

I know Maggie loved em too, but Jack is another..well, 'fan' of our hunter ceiling fan. It's just making more of an impression on me lately, because he is obsessed with leaning as far back in my arms as possible to watch the fan in the foyer as we go up the stairs. Let's try and give mom a chance to keep her balance, eh kid? Today the fan wasn't even on, but he was thrilled to see that I'd just turned on the light.

In addition to amusing Jack, we're really hoping that this whomping 60" fan can help move some of the dead air around the upstairs this summer. When we moved in there was a chandelier there that hubby hated considerably more than I did, but he used his Good Friday holiday to rent 15' scaffolding and put in this bad boy. So far so good - here's hoping we don't have to change any of the light bulbs any time soon!

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