22 April 2012

Weekend in Review

We took it a bit easier than usual this weekend, as hubby was out of town playing racecars. I try not to be crazy and overextend myself when it's just me and the two kiddos!

That being said, Friday was nuts!
I finally got the call late Thursday afternoon that Jack's six-month pictures were ready to pick up, and I wanted to get this done on Friday, since my parents were coming over Friday night to watch the kids while I worked. So we actually made it out of the house by 11:30 or so to drive the 25 minutes each way to pick up the pictures at Kiddie Kandids.
We went straight from there to Kinkos (I will always call it Kinkos - not 'FedEx Office') to get some flyers printed for chocolate work. Although we didn't make it out of Kinkos til 15 minutes before a scheduled play date, I called the other mom to let her know we'd be late so we could get some lunch :) After scarfing down some Taco Bell, we were only a few minutes late to the playdate.
The girls had a ball playing together for a couple hours, and I was very glad that Maggie didn't give me any grief when I said we had to get going (since I still had a couple more things to do to get ready for chocolate work before my parents arrived to watch the kids).
Friday night's chocolate show went great! It was a fundraiser for a local Relay for Life team. Their goal is to make at least $200 through this event, and they're on track to do it! Yay! Unfortunately for my parents, Jack was a very fussy boy while I was gone.

Saturday we decided to go to my parents' house. Maggie was very excited because my brother was also bringing his daughters there for the day. She couldn't wait to play with her cousins! The girls had a great time making and decorating cupcakes, playing together, and even spending some time outside (although it was chilly in the shade!). We wrapped it all up by going to Bagger Dave's for dinner together.

Today the goal was to clean up some of the house before hubby came home. We started out by cleaning Maggie's and Jack's rooms, then took a break to go buy cat litter and head to the mall for smelly soaps and a ride on the carousel. Once we got home, we chilled out for a bit and watching Despicable Me before having our 'ocean nibbles' (fish sticks) and tator tots for dinner. With cupcakes for dessert, of course ;)

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