20 April 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Is it bad that the numbered list running through my mind is my to-do list?
  2. I'm really hoping my nail polish holds out through the day. I've been touching them up each night as I work at the computer...
  3. Am I the only one who really doesn't enjoy bathing the baby? Sure, I love when he's clean and all fuzzy-headed looking, but getting there is a struggle. I have to kneel by the side of the big bathtub, to reach him in the little bathtub, and keep propping him up because he's so wiggly he's sliding all over the place... Unfortunately he usually smells like sour milk by the time I get around to it :( Poor kid!
  4. Maggie had a great plan at lunch yesterday. She said while daddy is on his vacation, we should surprise him and clean the house. He is even more excited about this idea. It may be more doable if Maggie were older than four and planned on actually cleaning the house, instead of messing it up and expecting me to clean it. Just sayin...
  5. Just a week and a half til my trip!! I still really want to get a bikini wax and a little bit of base tan, as well as a pedicure. I really NEED to bring my summer clothes upstairs and see what I might need to buy so I can pack too!
  6. Today is crazy busy, but then the rest of the weekend is just R&R :)
  7. I think we may watch a bit too much kid tv around here...I know I'm busy, but I can hear Secret Agent Oso's voice in my head saying, "Step One!" Ugh...
  8. I really think I need a legitimate to-do list... It may follow this post..
  9. I'm hoping to book up my May and June from my local party/fundraiser tonight. My friend who's hosting also thinks this is a real possibility.
  10. Not a full to-do list yet, but I'm heading downstairs to make cookie dough, then bring the baby upstairs and wash his stinky self ;)

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