27 April 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I am becoming more of a morning person now that I have to get up with the kids, but still a night person because I have to work as late as I can....hmm...I guess I'm back to being a 'no sleep' person. Ugh.
  2. Home Depot was within their window for delivery of our new chest freezer this morning. They said between 7am - 11am. They knocked on our door at about 7:02AM :)
  3. I'm tired of the cold weather already!
  4. A week from now I'll be in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Just in case you're wondering...
  5. I have a list of phone calls to make today. I hope the baby is cooperative. Ha.
  6. I also have to pack for an event at the library this evening where I'm setting up a table to represent Dove Chocolate. Yay for more local contacts!
  7. My eye feels like there's something in it, or maybe something scratched it. I won't say another thing complaining about that, though, since my mom had her second cataract surgery this week. She suggested I google it to see the actual procedure. Ummm, no thanks!
  8. I went to Painting with a Twist last night for the first time - but I hope not the last! It was lots of fun, and they do help you make a project you can be proud of :)
  9. I meant to paint my nails again all week, but it just didn't happen. Too much baby-holding while I was working at the computer. Painting them only to immediately mess them up just isn't worth it.
  10. I'm glad the Home Depot thing is out of the way, but I could totally still be asleep right now....Just sayin...

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