27 April 2012

Music Planning

Oops! Just thought of something else I need to do before I leave on my trip. Not life or death, of course, but it sure would be convenient to have my own music on my iPod.

I'm sure you've heard me complain about the choices available on my iPod. Somehow, iTunes randomly filled it from the entire collection of music on my computer. Which includes hubby's death metal and dissonance pieces. Ummm...no, thanks! So I've wanted to make my iPod full of my own music for years. It hasn't been on the top of my to-do list because the iPod is in my car, where I usually listen to the radio, and hubby loves having the access to his music while driving my car. The time has come, though, where it would be really convenient for me to be able to hold my music in my hand on both of my flights, and lying on the beach for almost a week! I just need to get the iPod from the glove compartment and battle with iTunes again to re-format the silly little beast.

Wish me luck!

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