11 March 2012

Weekend In Review

That's the way it has to be...and apparently that's the way I like it!

We once again had a weekend that felt so full, it almost had extra time included - yay!

Friday night we had dinner at home and then headed out for a dessert treat. I also suggested to hubby that since he's been working so hard lately he deserved a treat he could appreciate a bit longer. We got him one of the single cup Keurig coffee makers. I've heard lots of friends go on about how much they love theirs and I hope he enjoys it as much!

Saturday hubby got lots of running around done while I finished getting the kids ready for a birthday party in the afternoon, then we all hit the road for an errand or two along the way. The afternoon started off with tacos at Rio Wraps - always tasty! We checked out a roll-top desk from Craigslist, as we've been looking for one to complete our current living room plans. This particular one didn't quite fit the bill.
The highlight of the afternoon/evening was my oldest niece's birthday party. She will turn three in a couple weeks, but this was the weekend we all had free to celebrate. It was great to see the girls playing together a bit more as they get a little older.
My sister-in-law had picked up adorable tutu dresses at Costco before the party, and Maggie insisted on sleeping in hers. She also wore her tights all night so (as she said), "No one should see my underwear." Yeah, that's a plan.

Sunday was jam-packed once again. We headed first to a local county park to just check it out and go for a walk. After an hour or so of that, we started across town to see another roll-top desk, with lunch at Qdoba along the way. This desk was a keeper, and the people even asked for my chocolate biz cards! Sounds like a potential win-win to me! After getting the desk we took a brief stop over at home to set it up and rearrange part of the living room. Once that was done we were in the car again to go get me a new computer monitor since mine totally tanked last night.

Now we're pretty much ready to hit the hay. The baby is a bit snuffly, and with daylight savings time, tomorrow morning will come early!

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The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Sounds like a great weekend! They sure do fill up fast, don't they?