11 March 2012

Growing Our Feline Family

Guest post written by Rob Henson

My wife and I have been cat lovers for a long time. We both grew up with them in our families and we already have one cat because we wanted to start out slowly. Plus, our first apartment together wasn't really a great place to have more than one cat. It was barely enough for just two humans! Now that we're a little older we want to expand our feline family.

But we don't want to jump into anything, so I've been doing lots of research on adopting multiple cats in one household. I was reading a lot of official pet adoptions a while back when I saw the site http://debtcounseling.bankrupt.com and after I read through it I decided to show it to my wife and consider using it to help our finances.

That's been our main concern about adopting at least another cat, our finances. But I think that we may be able to do it if we make sure that we adopt a healthy cat with no preexisting medical conditions. I know that our cat Sammy would love to have some siblings to play with while we're at work.

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