10 March 2012

Birthday Time

Tonight we got to celebrate Maggie's cousin's (okay, and my niece's!) third birthday. I loved the way she said thank you as we were leaving - "Thank you for bringing presents!" I still remember my daughter being so young (I should hope so - it's only been a year and a half!). Her third birthday was luckily pretty peaceful, but it was either her first or second when her grandpa decided to get her a totally obnoxious guitar. It played whole songs with the touch of just a button. Maggie certainly said thank you, but mom and dad? Not so much.

Our house already has (I believe) seven guitars on display, although hubby will say no and explain that at least half of them are 'basses'. Yeah, like that makes everything around here less musical! While some parents may sincerely take issue with loud gifts, I love to encourage Maggie's enjoyment of music. Listening to kid songs from the computer is actually the activity of choice before TV sometimes, and she has the same ability to pick up songs from the radio that I've always done. The other day I was mumbling a song under my breath, and I heard her start singing where I left off - love it!

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