29 February 2012

What the Hell Wednesday

The closer I get to earning my Dove Chocolate Discoveries trip to Punta Cana, the more nervous I'm getting. Not that I won't have fun (yeah, struggling to enjoy free drinks in the sun for five days!), but that suddenly they'll say I didn't actually earn the points. Which is ridiculous. But doesn't help. I want to see all of my confirmed travel plans before I'll rest easily.

I don't know how the weather was where you were today, but here it was VERY foggy! Since most of the driving around here is not in the city, the fields and ponds and such made it even more foggy. But there were plenty of people driving without their headlights on. WTH? Let's give us all a fighting chance at seeing each other before it's too late - turn on your blasted lights even if you think you can see just fine....

In the interest of not bad-mouthing a company I've previously loved, I won't mention names on this one, but I ordered some office stuff last week that hasn't arrived yet. No biggie - I'm not concerned at that part. But I'm rather amused that the new sales guy has already emailed me asking for feedback. Really? Here's an idea: Give me a chance to see my products before I decide what my feedback may be. Should I be concerned that I don't even have my stuff yet? Do you think it's here? Uggrhhh!! Based on my previous problems with the post office, I'd be concerned. But based on my previous experience with your company, I wouldn't be... WTH?

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