29 February 2012

Wish List

So I think I have a new plan for some posts. You know how you get catalogs in the mail, and try hanging on to them because you see one thing in there that you know you'll need, and you won't be able to find once you know for sure you need it? Okay. Maybe it's just me.

But anyway, my thought is that I can start posting what I want and where it's from, then finally throwing away the catalogs (or recycling them, if I'm feeling responsible). I figure it solves two issues: I am able to preserve the source for where to get what I may someday want, and I have an easily accessible wish list in case someone feels the urge to take out car title loans nyc and use the money to buy something for me!

Anyway, you get the point. And maybe when I post something you'll know it's a terrible product, or even the best thing you've ever seen, and you can share that thought with me as well. It may help move things up (or down) my list, or it may talk me out of ever thinking I need it again... ;)

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