29 February 2012

Business as Usual

Business as usual for me, anyway. One of the things I love about working in direct sales, and with Dove Chocolate in particular, is that meetings are scheduled at my convenience - yay!! Instead of having to show up somewhere, most of our meetings are via teleconferencing service - just call in at the appointed time to hear and discuss whatever you need to know! And another perk? The calls are frequently recorded!

Our websites are full of different training calls which have been previously recorded with information that still applies. I think this is a huge selling point for new recruits. Aside from the weekly opportunity call, most of the information doesn't need to be interactive for every new chocolatier. Listening to a recorded call from when some of the systems and programs were new is totally sufficient to provide the information necessary. It also gives a great chance for review for those of us who have been around a little longer. I love being able to hear something new, and having the ability to share these calls with others to see what they get from them. Thanks, Dove!

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