16 January 2012

Why Indeed??

Dear Stayfree:

My daughter was looking around the other morning as I got dressed and ready. She gets lonely if she's in an area of the house away from me, so she's usually in our bedroom or bathroom while I get ready. On this morning, she found a beautiful white piece of paper with pink butterflies. It was the adhesive covering from a sanitary pad. She asked me, "Mommy, why did someone draw butterflies on this?" Why, indeed.

In trying to find what exactly butterflies signify, I found things like 'love,' 'freedom,' 'rebirth,' and 'transformation.' Now I wonder who wants me to think of these things when I'm decidedly not pregnant, and bleeding from my crotch. Really??

How much are the spending to make the paper on the back of the adhesive of my sanitary pads have pretty pictures on it? And who is actually making money for designing freestyle butterflies to be printed there?

Unfortunately, my dear daughter, this is one of those questions that will never have a satisfactory answer. I have absolutely no idea why someone drew butterflies on something that is only seen by any eyes on its way to the trash. No idea at all.


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Tammy said...

I never even noticed there was anything printed on that peice of paper. Very good question Maggie.