11 January 2012

What the Hell Wednesday

Maybe in polite society this post would be called, "Things that make you go hmmm..." But I don't feel like starting my own meme, so I'll follow Stacy and Elle at Blue Monkey Butt with WTH Wednesday.

Dear insurance company: Really? I can change my doctor, but it doesn't become active until February 1? We're not even half way through January! So I'll have to go see some doctor I've never seen tomorrow, but then I'll actually have yet another doctor (the closer one to home, who I actually want to see from now on) starting in a few weeks. Yeah, this sounds really great for resolving issues. If tomorrow's doctor can't figure it all out by January 31, we'll just start over again next month. Yay.

And kudos to either my local credit union, or the federal government. Between them, my daughter now apparently has an invalid social security number somewhere...so the credit union is charging her backup withholding for the federal government. Really? How far can she really be behind on her taxes - she's FOUR! This seems so obvious it should be easily rectified, but instead I need to fill out paperwork for the credit union (again) and if it isn't don in time (since we never received the letter they supposedly sent in November), I'll have to go sort it out at Secretary of State. Just imagine if she actually had a job or records anywhere! Who thought being in preschool could be this complicated?

Last but certainly not least - dearest body of mine, get with the program. Childbirth is over. Time to get back to regularly scheduled programing. Just saying.


Elle said...

Wow! That seems really inefficient on your insurance company's part, but I suppose I'm not surprised. Inefficiency is usually what they are best at.

The IRS must be getting desperate if they are taxing 4 year olds. So frustrating that they make a mistake somewhere and it's up to you to fix it in all that spare time you have. Ugh!

Thanks for joining us for WTHW!

Wendy said...

Ugh, I hope she didn't haver her identity stolen. Read an article where people were stealing identities even before babies were born.

siteseer said...

I like the name 'things that make you go hmmm' it really applies to this post. Hope everything works out okay.

Tammy said...

I don't know who thinks up the rules for insurance companies but I think they are crazy. They often seem to like us to spend more money. Maybe that is so they can charge us more money. I don't know.