17 December 2011

Dear Kohl's:

Dear Kohl's:

I wanted to cite exactly what I am writing to you about, but the heck if I can find it again.

A few weeks ago, while driving around on errands, I heard a radio commercial warning against co-sleeping. I appreciate that uneducated co-sleeping is very dangerous to infants. That being said, I sleep with my baby in my bed every night. We don't have covers or pillows near the baby, and we are never impaired by drugs or alcohol while the baby is in the bed with us.
Having him in the bed with us makes our breastfeeding relationship so much easier! Jack can eat whenever he wants - the smallest sound or movement from him indicates to me that he's ready to go another round, and we roll over to switch sides so he is sated and back to sleep in no time.

Why am I telling this to Kohl's? Apparently they think they have a place in our bed. See, the radio commercial was sponsored by Kohl's Cares - their children's charity. Kohl's: You have no business in my bed! You're a retailer, not any sort of medical professional or anyone with any right to think you can say what should be going on in my bed!

So that's all I really had to say. I essentially ignored your unsolicited advice, but I also had such a nasty feeling about your attempted intervention that this is the first year my older daughter won't be getting a Kohl's Cares stuffed animal and book from me. Because there are plenty of other books and animals from people who aren't trying to get in my bed without an authority or business doing so.

Just sayin...

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Wendy said...

Yeah!!! Wish those kinds of unsolicited advice were really directed at the problem - irresponsible parents.