16 December 2011

Planning for Fun

Sometimes when I'm planning a gathering, I feel like I'm really on my game. Days like that, I know everyone will love it, and everything will turn out blissfully just like I picture it. After imagining the whole perfect event, I figure I'll head out and get some restaurant loans so I can duplicate the experience on a large scale and everyone will love all of my brilliantly entertaining ideas. I wish!!

This weekend is my third (?) annual ornament exchange. I always say it's like a cookie exchange, but for lazy people. It's very much like a white elephant exchange, but instead of random gifts, everyone brings a holiday ornament. The exchange is secondary to the socialization, and I invite people who understand this.

Since I'm honestly not much of an entertainer overall, I suggest that anyone who wants to (but it's certainly not required!) may bring an appetizer or dessert to share. That way, the food mostly takes care of itself, and everyone - including me - can put most of their focus on relaxing and enjoying the evening.

What fun holiday traditions do you enjoy?

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