17 December 2011

Workin for the Man

My husband and I have always had different ideas about an 'ideal' job. See, from time to time he thinks he'd like to be self-employed.

While I'm okay with our family supporting itself by these means eventually, I want something more consistent and reliable while we've got little people to worry about.

I don't want to worry about insurance or slow months. I've always liked a relatively corporate job. I'm fine with being 'just a number,' as long as they spell my name right on an accurate check with a timely delivery.

They say you only have to work half the day if you're self-employed - you just have to decide if you prefer to work the first 12 hours or the second 12 hours....for now, I'd rather have the ability for both of us to spend at least 16 hours away from work each day. When we're not juggling two kids along with our own marriage and lives, we can consider whether self-employment will work for us...

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