28 December 2011


Maggie and I have been going to the library somewhat regularly for years. Sometimes we read books that really stick with her. One of the first a couple years ago was Hoot Howl Hiss
by Michelle Koch. She loved it and repeated it with us as we read it. Although it's out of print, I searched for a bit and was able to get a copy of it for her for Christmas that year.

One of the recent books that has sort of morphed into part of our lives is Sometimes I'm Bombaloo by Rachel Vail. 'Bombaloo' is the word for when the kid in the book gets really, really angry and just can't contain it anymore. Around our house, it's now a very suitable word for when Jack's screaming and nothing is working to calm him down again, or when Maggie starts losing her temper (usually because she isn't getting her way...). It's a moderately nice sounding word for a not-so-nice feeling. ;)

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