27 December 2011


I've been thinking about another form of 'advertising' whenever I leave the house lately, but haven't gone through with it so far. See, I have a few decorative buttons that say things like, "Do you LOVE Chocolate?" and "I'd love to be your CHOCOLATIER." Some people swear by wearing something to promote your business whenever you're out and about. It's even easier in the winter, as you can leave your name tag,name plates, or a button with a cute slogan right on your coat and it's there all the time with no further consideration.

Back when I sold for another company years ago, someone had also suggested making up cute little signs (like a quarter of a sheet of paper) that you left in places like waiting rooms, phone booths (guess that was a while ago!), or even taped in restroom stalls. The last one seems a little weird for me with a food product, but you see what I'm saying... At least one woman from the other business swears to have been contacted from signs in the restroom!

What unique ways have you tried to market your business?

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