28 December 2011

Like a Bad Penny...

I must 'lose' my sunglasses every other day lately! It's partially the fault of my new purse (where there is no room for the, so I can't consistently put them in there), and partially the fault of my husband (who has started putting his change in the basket by the door specifically for my sunglasses, and then moving my sunglasses to a shelf higher up so he can reach his change..), and maybe a tiny bit my fault (for obvious reasons).

It's not like I'd be losing anything of value if my sunglasses don't show up some time, except for the miserable trip to the store to get new ones in a hurry. I could never be trusted with nice Costa Del Mar Sunglasses or something, but I do need to have sunglasses all the time. Even when other people think it's getting dark, I need my shades or the light will bother my eyes to no end!

Somehow I think the shabbiness of my drug store sunglasses is exactly why they never actually disappear. They keep turning up so they'll last forever, all $10 of them!

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