30 December 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I can hardly keep track of what day it is! With hubby off of work all week, and Maggie off of school for the second week in a row, I'm completely discombobulated!
  2. I also can't keep track of the fact that tomorrow is New Year's Eve! We don't have any plans, but I still feel like I should at least know it's the big day, right?
  3. Maggie has finally been letting us sleep in a little (yesterday and today). Too bad it took her most of everyone's week off to do it. ;)
  4. I have got to call Nancy O! I've been meaning to for more than a week, I think. Hopefully I'll get it done before next year (hehehehe....yeah, that's the big joke around here).
  5. I'm so grateful to hubby - he's spending hours with Maggie today trying to organize her room. She and I already argue like she's a teenager sometimes - that room was driving me insane and there's no way I could help (or more likely do most of the work) cleaning it and watching the baby...
  6. Hubby and I decided to each make a list of five things we want to do as a family, five things we want to do for/by ourselves, and five things we want done around the house for 2012. I think it'll be interesting, and maybe we'll get more stuff planned and accomplished!
  7. I've also been meaning to paint my nails. The idea was to have them pretty for holiday parties. Oops. Blew by that window of opportunity...
  8. I was so excited yesterday!! I was poking around some old emails, and found a way to get to my business shopping cart and it worked!! They haven't given us official word of when it will launch yet, but it's got to be soon if it already works, right??
  9. Hopefully my hair will grow to acceptable pony tail length soon. I'm catching myself trying to chew it again! I've got to get it out of my reach - a ponytail or bun will do that.
  10. I won't write another 10 Random Things for Friday until next year (hehehehe...yeah, it just doesn't get old for me!).

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