30 December 2011

Just Do It!!

Well, I've successfully put off making a dentist appointment for a long time. Not that I've really neglected things, as Maggie and I both had our teeth cleaned back in March. But now I've got an ouchy spot that I should have checked out (and it's time for both of our cleanings again). I keep saying I'll take care of it, and I really meant to do it this week while hubby was home from work.

I think it's the dread of trying to find a new dentist, and the feeling that my current discomfort was actually the work of a previous dentist. I hope I can pick a good one. I never put off my cardiologist appointments. He's a cool guy, and I've never had an ekg hurt, right? ;) If only I could find a dentist that I liked and trusted as much...

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