23 October 2011

Scrub a Dub!

A bigger house offers lots of benefits, but one thing that isn't necessarily a benefit is the fact that a bigger house has more space to get dirty, of course! I admittedly had a house cleaning company come take care of our old (much smaller) house every couple of weeks, but we haven't gotten around to hiring a house cleaning service cary nc for the new house. Part of the reason is just the challenge of finding a good but reasonably priced service, but the other part is the simple fact that we're paying the mortgage on the old house and the new house, along with increased utilities and such, and now the new baby expenses too! Ugh!

I do what I can to keep up with it, but I'm hoping to have things settle into a schedule soon. Whether that schedule means I'm 100% mobile and can plan to clean the house, or if it means I book up my show calendar and can afford to pay someone else to clean the house remains to be seen.

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