23 October 2011

Half a Year?


I can't believe we've lived in our new house for almost six months. We moved May 1, so in just over a week it will be half a year already. What has really surprised me is that of the people I know in the area, at least three of them moved here AFTER we did! One of those is a dear friend of mine who just happened to move to town after us, one is a mommy from Maggie's preschool class, and the third was a mom I met at the local LLL (La Leche League) meeting. Is the area growing so quickly, or am I just happening to meet the newest residents?

So far, so good. I'm still not sure the oven works like it should, and the box elder bugs and wasps drive me nuts, but it's fabulous having so much more room. With all the memories of the old house so fresh (who am I kidding, it's still technically our house!), I'm amazed to think that Jack will never live there. I wonder if Maggie will even remember the old house by the time she's 'grown-up'...

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