25 October 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Jack is napping. Maybe he was actually listening when I told him the plan? If he can nap on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Maggie is in school, my life may again have a couple of productive hours each week....maybe.

I miss having my nails painted, but I'd feel funny painting all of my fingers except my pinkies. Jack is like his sister - not a big fan of the pacifier, but will sometimes be calmed by sucking on a finger. Pretty nails will wait :)

Please, tell me something absolutely irresistible that I can eat. My appetite is back to nil, and I have to increase what I'm eating now that I'm nursing Jack instead of 'just' pregnant. Nutritional value isn't even high on the list of concerns, I just need to keep eating and eat more!

My boppy pillow was a casualty of the road trip last week. Last time I saw it was in the hotel room :( A new one is definitely on the short-list when hubby gets paid. Otherwise I'm lying down to nurse half the time, which frequently ends in a nap - whoops!

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