22 October 2011

Saturday 9: The Last DJ

Welcome to Saturday: 9. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

1. Who was favorite DJ and what radio station did you listen to as a kid?
I really don't remember. I do remember listening to metal in high school (most of which I don't like now!), but I don't know what station or DJ it was...

2. What has been the weirdest thing you have worn in public?
Nothing any weirder than everyone else in the 80s ;)

3. What was the best part of last weekend? Huh. I think since it's only Saturday night now, we're sort of half way through a weekend. The best part so far today was spending so much time with my hubby and kids :)

4. What was the most effective punishment for you as a kid? I don't remember being punished much as a kid. Honest - I was pretty good!

5. Would you lie to your significant other to not hurt their feelings? Probably not. He should be able to count on me for the truth, right?

6. We're taking you order for breakfast. What would you like? I've sort of had a thing for omelettes lately. Mushroom and cheese. With a side of hash browns, white toast, and crispy bacon.

7. Do you celebrate Halloween? If yes, do tell. If no, why not? Heck yeah! Although I'm ashamed to say I've done nothing this year. Giving birth on October 1 and then having to take it easy has really cramped my style. I pretty much couldn't bring the big ole tub of decorations up from the basement by myself. Next year, look out!

8. Do you hand out candy to the neighborhood kids? Absolutely! This year will be our first opportunity in a while. There were never trick or treaters at our old house, so we always just took Maggie trick or treating at the neighborhood where I grew up. Our new subdivision is supposed to be very into the whole thing though and I can't wait!!

9. What's the favorite age you've been, so far? All of em! If I wasn't having a good time, I was probably learning a good lesson ;)


Unknown said...

Hi! Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting! :) How cool that you're already back at pre-pregnancy weight. It took me about a year or so. WHAT IS IS YOUR WATER? :)

The Gal Herself said...

Loved your wardrobe answer! The 1980s were a weird, but colorful, decade, weren't they?

Hope you're feeling better after the 10/1 event.