21 October 2011

So Excited!!

The very first words out of Maggie's mouth on Tuesday morning were, "Do you know what I'm so excited about??" I knew what she'd say, but she prefers it when I play along, so I asked her what she was so excited about. "We're going to sleep in a hotel!!"

We'd told her Monday afternoon that all of us were taking mommy (me) to chocolate work, and we'd have to drive a long way and sleep in a hotel. The hotel was really all she heard of that. And she loves to sleep in any hotel. It doesn't have to have fancy lodge furniture, or mints on the pillow, or even a continental breakfast. It just has to be somewhere to sleep that isn't at home. She asks regularly if she can stay at the hotel a mile from our house...um...no.

By the time daddy got out of the shower on Tuesday, she'd quantified her excitement and spread her arms as far as she could to show him just how excited she was :) Luckily we can play along quite well - just seeing her excitement is enough for us to enjoy whatever is in store.

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