22 October 2011

Big Plans

I'm feeling like kind of a slacker to have missed putting out my Halloween decorations. I think all we've got is a few soap dispensers in the holiday spirit this year. Having the baby on October 1, and then not being able to haul the box of decorations up the stairs kind of made the decision for me.

I should probably just enjoy the year off, since starting next year I'll be getting ready for Halloween at the same time as planning my favorite little boy's birthday party. I'll need to get the truck/monster/bug equivalent of Princess Invitations (where my true expertise has been up until now), and plan a birthday party as well as celebrating my favorite holiday (Halloween, that is!).

Help bring my holiday spirit back in check - do you have pictures to share of your Halloween decorations? Please leave me a link in the comments so I can check em out!

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