25 October 2011


I think I mentioned before that I was most definitely not in favor of renting out the old house. Unfortunately, with the market being down as much as it is/was, there was no other way to get to our gorgeous new house without bringing a lot of money to the closing on our old house. So we have renters. After dealing with the renters and some guys hubby hired to do some work on the house for nearly a month, hubby is pretty tired of renting out the old house too.

He's been asking around and seeing what options we may have for getting rid of the old house, without completely ruining his credit report in the process. Do you have any experience with this? There are so many scammers and hoax stories going around that I'm hoping to find someone with legitimate referrals and real stories from real people!

All we've figured out so far is that it will probably take a bit of time, and we'll probably have to have the house vacant to get anything done. Unfortunately, this implies that we'll have no rental income for a while, and we will still have a mortgage company looking for a payment. I know this because I used to be the one looking for the payments from the folks on a mortgage! Ugh!

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