09 September 2011


I keep meaning to go check my old posts and see how I was feeling at the end of my pregnancy with Maggie. Hubby says it's just pregnancy amnesia, but I'm feeling pretty rotten lately, and I don't remember feeling yucky at the end of my first pregnancy.

I'm starting to cross more things off my schedule and spend more time just lying around. There's a meeting I've said I'll try to attend on Monday, but I'd be much more likely if it was via conference call services by Zip conferencing. To make it a half hour to a meeting now kind of involves hubby going with me, since he doesn't want me out gallivanting this late in the game alone. Which doesn't mean we won't go, but everything takes a bit more planning on all of our parts.

I keep hoping that I'm just fighting some regular sort of bug, and I'll feel better soon, but I'm not terribly optimistic. I suspect my body is just beat, and will continue to feel like this until it's back to one occupant, if you know what I mean ;)

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