09 September 2011

Am I Ready for Childbirth?

I doubt it! Hahahaha..... Even the intro to this quiz pointed it out for me:
"The nursery is painted, the diapers are stacked, and the too-cute clothes are washed and ready. But are you actually prepared for the main event? Read on to see how ready you are for labor and delivery!?

Reality around here? The diapers are in a package (sposies) or arriving daily (cloth I've acquired so far), and the few clothes we have are nowhere near washed (I'll need to pick up detergent first, I imagine!).

So their final results tell me, "Not bad! You could stand to brush up on a few more childbirth facts. Check out our labor and childbirth resources for a bit more information."

Pregnant? See how prepared you are for childbirth at babyzone.

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