03 September 2011

Still on the Agenda

Lately my to-do list never seems to become a 'done' list. I blame it on third-trimester exhaustion.

I was talking last week about needing a couple school dresses for Maggie. We tried to stop in a couple shops on Friday while bumming around the mall, but I just wasn't up for the crowds. We decide this may be a good mini-outing for Saturday, to the outlet mall nearby. I'm so close to the end of this pregnancy that I'm not really looking for anything, clothes-wise, but we'll keep an eye out for mens designer clothes and some Maggie school stuff.

I'm glad Saturday is practically a bonus day, since everything I wanted accomplished wasn't done on Friday, and we're having company on Sunday and Monday. It all works out in the end ;)


Tammy said...

Hope Maggie found something special to where to school. You seem to be doing alot for being in your third-trimester.

siteseer said...

is she into dresses for everything?