02 September 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Today has been an exceptionally long day, and I keep thinking it's already Saturday. Hubby went into work for a few hours, and we went and picked him up at 11AM when we were headed out to start our day. Now we've been going, going, going ever since, and I feel like it's been a day of hubby at work, then another day after that. Whew!
  2. Did I mention it's hot?
  3. What is it about wet fingernails that makes me have to use the bathroom? Is this some corollary of Murphy's law that no one ever told me?
  4. Why did I think it would be a good idea to put another coat on my nails in this humidity anyway??
  5. I'm excited that hubby (hopefully) will have three days off with us! He worked a lot of hours this week, thus the half day off already today ;)
  6. The baby in my tummy is moving a ton today. And hubby says he 'dropped' today too. That doesn't necessarily mean anything immediate, but boy do I not feel ready to have him on the outside yet!
  7. Other freak-out for today: A friend I used to work with who was due Sept 18 (two days before me!) had her baby last night. Yikes! Everything's okay - he's just in NICU while his lungs develop a bit more.
  8. Oops. I also forgot I have laundry in process before I painted my nails. Guess what I get to do in the morning?...
  9. I am looking forward to autumn/cider mill season. Is this just a regional thing? I've never lived anywhere but Michigan, so I really don't know if everyone gets to enjoy fresh cider and donuts in the fall. ;)
  10. Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!!!

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