06 September 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I really need to start writing stuff down. I've known I had a lot coming up in September, but I suddenly find myself guessing what it was! Have I missed anything yet? And would anyone dare to confront my very pregnant self about it?

I'm getting so flighty I can't even remember what's random anymore...

Why does Faygo have to only stock Rock N Rye regionally? At least that's my assumption. I had no problem buying it near our old house, but now, a mere hour away, I can never find it when I really want it. So I'm trying to enjoy my cream soda and Funyuns and pretend it's just as good, but I'm not really convinced that it is.

I love feeling the baby move around inside me. I honestly enjoy being pregnant, and I'm especially appreciating it knowing this is the last time. I'll miss the miracle of growing a baby inside me <3

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siteseer said...

it is definitely a fabulous feeling. Enjoy it while it lasts.