02 September 2011

The Heat Again?

Whoa. It's really hot again. At 11:30PM, I'm sitting in my office enjoying a game of Zombie Lane that I wouldn't expect to be strenuous, and sweating. Really?

Maybe a better plan this evening would have been a lukewarm soak in the jacuzzi tub (at least our bedroom is the coolest one upstairs) with some mellow-smelling sugar scrubs. I don't even think I'd worry much about the water cooling off. But I suspect a bath, much like my morning shower, ends in disappointment when I still have to get out eventually and try to put clothes on in the humidity. Ugh.

All that being said, don't get me wrong - I really don't like the cold. When it's this hot, I could always go hang out in the basement, where it is always cool. I just enjoy the other conveniences and distractions in my life enough to tolerate the heat. Even at 37 weeks pregnant ;)

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