25 August 2011

What Got Me Here??

How on earth does someone end up with such a sweet job as sharing chocolate for a living?? My job history has been somewhat colorful. In my email each day, I still get announcements about risk management training and collections agencies careers on a regular basis. See, my last full-time job outside of my home was as a collection agent. I loved my job (probably mostly because of my employer). I always say it was a low-stress job in that I wasn't expected to make anyone happy!

I think I enjoyed collections in the same way that I enjoy sales or other production-oriented jobs - my goals are clear. While my mind is relatively creative, I have a hard time finishing something, if the finish line isn't clear.

Another job I really, really liked was data entry. In that position, I was entering medical research information from doctor's or researcher's notes into the computer. I had to know a bunch of disgusting diseases, symptoms and drugs, with their correct spellings. And my progress was judged by how much I got done in each eight- or ten- hour shift. Again, it was black and white and I knew when I was finished, or how I was tracking so far at any point during my work day (or in that case - my work night, since it was a third-shift job from 11PM - 7AM).

What jobs have you loved having? Are you doing the same thing now, or something that may appear completely different?

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