25 August 2011

Chocolate, Anyone?

Tomorrow I'm having another chocolate party at my house, to give my new neighbors and lots of friends the chance to get a few items that will be leaving our catalog for 10% off, and sample a couple of the new items that will be in our line starting September 1.

If any of these sound exceptionally appealing to you, speak up quick! I can get them for you until August 31 (and I can ship anywhere in the continental U.S.).

Retiring items:
  • Aztec Sipping Chocolate
  • Vanilla Dusting Powder & Cinnamon Dusting Powder
  • Dessert Decorator
  • Oval Magnetic Mold
  • Single Origin Baking Bits
(all of these items are viewable on my website at http://www.dove-chocolate-discoveries.com/sites/becki/productcatalog until August 31)

Want to know about the new stuff? Here's a list of our incoming products that I can order for you starting September 1:
  • Saigon Swirl Cinnamon Roll Mix
  • Sugar-Free Dark Chocolates & Caramels
  • White-Chocolate Pear-Flavored Cider
  • Choco-Caramel Crunch (one of my new favorites!!)
  • Artisan Butter Almond Toffee (sorry - this fantastic treat is available to hostesses only!)
Returning favorites (these were in our fall/holiday catalog last year, but gone from the spring/summer catalog);
  • Spiced White Sipping Chocolate
  • Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Mix
How much fun is my job?? Let me know if you're interested in getting any of these great products (or anything else you see in the catalog). We'll have online ordering within a couple months, but for now I'd love to personally take care of getting you what you need.

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