25 August 2011

Thinking Back

What things to you remember using, or seeing used, that just to seem to be as prominent anymore?

I used to love watches. Now, it seems like they're still around, but since nearly everyone always has a cell phone on them, watches just don't seem as vital. I suppose I really don't see too many people on a regular basis either, so maybe I'm completely wrong!

I also remember seeing my dad's money clip come out of his pocket and into the coin dish each night. I couldn't tell you what his wallet looked like, but that m clip was there every day when he got home from work. Apparently guys still carry them, to hold credit cards even, but I just don't see them. I realize this one sounds like a relatively unfair observation, since I only live with one guy, and I'm not working retail or something else where I'd see how other men handle their money....

What else is just falling out of use? Not because of changing fashion, but because of changing functionality?

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