26 July 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Made it through the big ole party on Saturday, now spending a few frantic days getting ready for Dove Chocolate Discoveries' National Conference in Baltimore, MD this weekend - YAY!!

So glad the heat wave seems to be done (for now, at least!). I looked back to see what the weather was like the summer I was pregnant with Maggie, and I found that temperatures were on average a few degrees BELOW normal! Maybe last week's exhaustion was in part due to heat, despite my efforts to stay in air conditioning ;)

I think Maggie is getting ready to grow again! She's still asleep, in her own bed! I need to get moving, but I don't want her to have any trouble finding me (if I were in the shower or downstairs) when she finally does wake up.

I sure am going to miss my lil girl this weekend! I've been hyping how much fun she'll have spending time with Daddy. And reminding her to talk to me on the phone when I call!

1 comment:

siteseer said...

she can be such a bugger about the phone. lol