20 July 2011

Fun Week!

I have so much I need to get done this week, but so much of it is segueing into fun stuff and visiting - yay!!

My aunt from Colorado is currently in town for a class reunion that was last weekend, so she and my parents came out to visit on Monday. We had a nice visit and delicious beef kabobs for dinner. This wouldn't have taken the whole day, but we needed to go to the credit union to deposit my checks from Friday and to the grocery store before they were coming over.

Tuesday I had a midwife appointment (where I found out I passed my glucose test - yay again!). Since we were on that side of town, we met up with friends for some play time and dinner. Maggie was also very intrigued by a couple of small babies at the restaurant for dinner. Why do they group all the kids together at the restaurant? When we arrived, we were next to a SCREAMING toddler (younger than ours). Thanks! And all the tables were so close anyway, I learned a lot about apidexin from the conversation on the table on the other side of us. Oh well.

Today we left early (for us) to meet up with a friend with a truck who took us to get Maggie's new (to her) bed. Of course we couldn't just hope the three kids would enjoy enough of each others' company crammed in the back seat all day, so it evolved into another playdate once the work was done.

I'm still plugging away on the old to-do list, but most things are disappearing by means of elimination, instead of completion. I'm sure the parties this weekend will be fun no matter what.

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siteseer said...

Everything that needs to get done will get done.