27 July 2011

Back to Food!

Now that I'm done with all my glucose tests and just bulking up the baby for the last couple of months, food is sounding good again!

I haven't eaten at one of my favorite restaurants since the night before my one-hour glucose test (which hasn't been much more than a month, but feels much longer than that!). We met with an insurance guy (yay for free food!) who talked about life insurance for me and hubby. I'm officially, yet again, old. But at least he didn't push the issue of medicare supplement plans yet, right?

Today has some fun eats lined up. We're meeting with Maggie's fiance and his family for lunch at Olga's, then later on hubby and I are attending our birthing orientation at the birthing center. I figured it was fate that Logan's Steakhouse sent me another buy one-get one coupon via email that's only good today and tomorrow. Hopefully we can fit it in after the class!

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siteseer said...

you sure do eat out A LOT!! lol