12 July 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


We've had a good week for movies. A few days ago we watched Hot Fuzz (which was hilarious), and then last night hubby remembered seeing Crossroads (give us some credit - not the Britney Spears one) years ago and wanted to watch it again. I stayed awake through both (which is progress for me lately) and enjoyed them.

I'm following this horrible carb-rich diet before I take my three-hour glucose test, and it is wearing. me. out. I'm so tired :( I just want a big ole slab of grilled steak, but by the time I eat everything I 'have' to, there's no more room in my baby-squashed stomach.

I was not-too-bright and totally splashed boiling water on my hand last night while taking a cup out of the microwave. Luckily my poor fingers didn't blister, but a couple are still red on the back from where the water ran from my palm around to the back of my hand. Ouch. I don't think I've ever had a burn that covered that much skin (as opposed to when I just accidentally touch the stove or oven coils).

Maggie just got annoyed with the 'rooster' again as I printed out training materials for our chocolate meeting tonight. I still have no idea where she got the idea that my printer is a rooster. Huh.


Court D said...

We could live vicariously through each other as I'm on a horrid carb-less diet. Which is problematic because the only "meat" I eat is eggs and fish. It's been a lot of eggs and fish and one can only take so much of that!

siteseer said...

it all goes back to 'all things in moderation' :) Too bad you can't fit that steak in... you'd probably feel a lot better.