09 July 2011

Fun Ads

Have you paid much attention to the little sidebar ads that show up on the other sites you use? Sometimes, it's right on. I had an ad the other day about a site that helps find natural birthing resources. Up my alley - definitely! Some of them seem to be running a bit ahead. The computer knows I feel like a big old cow some days, so it recommended apidexin reviews. Thanks for the thought, machine - I'll make a note for when I'm not pregnant.

My favorites (totally against the grain of the valuable recommendation above) are the dessert/chocolate ads. Yum!! Those have gotten me baking - or at least snacking - more times than I'd like to admit. Although sadly, I couldn't tell you what the actual ads were for besides their dessert category. I'm not sure if that counts as effective advertising after all...

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I sometimes see them and go take a look. I hate it though when it asks all kinds of questions and you still never get to see what you went looking for. Does that ever happen to you?