21 June 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Tornado watch til midnight? Swell - I'll be asleep upstairs :)

Maggie's excuse for staying up well past her bedtime tonight? "My bed is kind of comfortable, but your bed is more comfortable. Are you going to bed yet? I'll go with you."

I'm so happy that we got to go for our lil weekend away last weekend. We almost didn't, but then things magically fell into place on my birthday a week ago. Lots of fun was had with good friends :)

I'm still waiting for the repairs on my oven to be completed (and less than thrilled about it). First we just needed to wait for an additional part, but then the morons at the home warranty company started saying the other part for the repair was 'structural' and they wouldn't cover it. Let's see....without the part, my house fills with gas. And this isn't a problem?

This week is flying by! (I'm sure driving back from mini-vacation all day Monday helps!) I NEED to book my hotel room and flight for next month's chocolate conference this week!! Must do!!


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Glad your oven is slowly getting fixed. I'm lucky because my cooktop was so old, they couldn't get parts for it anymore! So my home warranty is sending a check so we can replace it. With the money, we'll probably be able to get a new cooktop AND at least half the price of a new range hood. Can't have them not matching!

Hope yours is in working order soon.

siteseer said...

when we have storm warnings I usually just go to bed too. If I'm there in the morning it'll be a good thing.... if not guess I won't know about it lol.