07 July 2011

Worried About Me?

Everything has been going well here, I suppose. Just regular moving/re-settling/life stress has kept me away from the blog.

Lately I sort of miss music. See, I used to use my computer for listening to music while I worked, but now that I have my super awesome phone headset, it sort of steals all the sound. I think what I need to do is buy ipod touch or something to run the sound separately from the top of my desk, instead of my desktop (get it?).

I've got an iPod that I could kind of use for this, but I keep it plugged in to the stereo in my car (or however that set-up is called...). Even at that, it doesn't work well for me, since iTunes and I got in a fight and it downloaded all of hubby's metal music and hardly any of my music. Huh. Sometimes life just isn't fair.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Glad you're ok. Been wondering where you've been...

Post a photo of you and your growing Jackson!

siteseer said...

Blogging is getting hard for me too. And technology!!?? You're way ahead of me :) Heck - I can't even find a blow up mattress lol