15 June 2011

Home Safe Home

I feel amazingly more settled in than I'd expect after just six weeks or so. We still haven't had to stay overnight with hubby (it'll happen), but I'm not all nervous and reaching for the phone when he's working late.

The whole community we're in feels much further removed from the 'city' than we were before. Just having such a huge yard makes it so Maggie has room to play and I don't have to be helicopter mom! I can sit on the porch and read while still watching her in our front yard, driveway, and even the street in front of the house (since we're the last house on the street). I haven't gotten to watching much local news, but the Yahoo! headlines haven't given much that's been overly concerning either.

I honestly can't say that I looked a lot at the reputations of the communities we were looking at homes in, but I think we got really lucky. We're far enough off of the beaten path that it's quiet and peaceful.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Has it been six weeks already!? Wow. Time flies. Glad you're feeling settled and safe.

Court D said...

that sounds so delightful! we are just starting the home-buying process and i hope we find a perfect community for us too. i'm glad you all have peace and quiet!

Wendy said...

I'm glad you are settling in and you have a wonderful place for you family to grow.

siteseer said...

Glad you're settled in. Now can you stay there 30 years? lol I never want to move. At least that's what I say now.