12 May 2011

Work to be Done

Hope you're not tired of hearing about the new house yet! Luckily our list of things to be done in the immediate future doesn't involve any major construction jobs. Besides just unpacking all the boxes, there are several shelves/pictures/decorations to be hung. We also need to go purchase our new king-sized mattress (that we fortunately got as a house-warming gift). Hubby also wants to touch up the refinish he did on the floor last week.

On the outside of the house, we need some mulch for around the flowers and things that are already planted. Hubby said they announced at the home owner's association meeting last week that the association will be providing flowers for around the little ornamental trees closest to the street, and they'll also be replacing our mailbox/post (which looks like it's been hit by a car or something).

Overall, everything is getting pretty livable within the next few days, I'd estimate, but the other stuff will make it even nicer.


Tammy said...

Give it time and I'm sure you will get everything plus some all done.

siteseer said...

everything sounds great. Can't wait to see everything in it's place since I'm the one that destroyed everything lol