13 May 2011

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Moving sucks. (Even if you love your new house.)
  2. I think a chocolate show that was being mailed to me has finally showed up. FedEx called and needs a physical address....I thought someone was sending it Priority Mail (aka USPS) so I gave them my PO Box address.
  3. Is my oven supposed to smell like gas every time I use it? Yuck.
  4. Next week we're supposed to find out the gender of the new little one. I'm pretty excited.
  5. I'm so grateful for my jobs that I fit around raising Maggie, but it's really hard to not let anything slip while moving too.
  6. What is it about teal-y blue and direct sales? Both PartyLite and Dove have used it as part of their logo stuff. Don't get me wrong - it's quite convenient so my old stuff still fits in, but is there some reason? Maybe I'm just lucky again.
  7. Tonight is karate - yay! Maggie has so much fun in her tiny tigers' class. And it puts us on that side of town coming straight home, so I think I can finally pack up the last of the condiments from the fridge and bring them to the new house tonight. Yeah, I'm multitasking even on the fun stuff I should just relax and look forward to.
  8. The view is quite awesome out my office window.
  9. My friend just got me the best zombie book ever. It's the perfect gift and I really needed a pick-me-up in the middle of all this stress! I can't even find it on Amazon to show you, but it turns out there are a lot of other zombie books too....hmmm....
  10. Ocean nibbles are ready - gotta go!

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siteseer said...

can't wait to hear the gender too. and I'm also looking forward to the final class for Maggie's karate